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Routine Building Visits

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Its all very well having a Property Factor looking after your building but are they visiting your building regularly? Checking all communal areas, stairwells, gardens, loft space and roofs. Our inspectors carry out routine building visits reporting back any communal maintenance which can often be missed. Many buildings are owned by landlords who rent out properties and tenants may not know to report communal faults to their property manager. The summer months are a great time for many repairs to be carried out. Some roof repairs require dry weather and timing is everything when carrying out render work to chimneys, parapet walls and other stonework. If you are looking for a property management team who are there to support you and your fellow owners, get in touch with Edinburgh Block Management -, Managing your building by majority. Tel 0131 510 900 Email:

An infographic showing the views whilst on a roof, carrying out a routine building visit


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