Simple and Effective Factoring

Edinburgh Block Management (EBM) has been established as a simple, cost effective service to assist property owners and encourage good maintenance practice.  Providing long term benefit, well-being, comfort & safety for owners and those who live in the stair, allowing residents to enjoy their home.

Edinburgh Block Management provides the traditional factoring style services to owners and residents in Edinburgh, but without the constant management billing and surprise invoices associated with traditional factoring providers.

Our Block Maintenance provides at least 3 basic building maintenance core services, at a fixed one off cost for 12 months.
There are NO monthly or quarterly factoring fees and no commitment to signing into any longer term.

Any other communal issues that arise throughout the term of service provision e.g. door entry, painting, drainage, balustrade repair etc. would be forwarded to contractors for quotations/estimates where appropriate.

Using online polls, owners can decide which estimate to select, which contractor to instruct and make other decisions.

We all realise just how difficult and slow it is to resolve communal repair issues within a stair. There are difficulties communicating with all the owners, organising various quotations from multiple contractors, and establishing an agreed solution.

On occasions it is sometimes a daunting prospect for most owners to dedicate the time and effort involved, to identify shared areas, liability and costs.  Having someone helping progress maintenance can be essential when a percentage of owners do not agree or do not want to contribute.

The cost of maintenance, well-being, comfort and safety of residents will be of utmost importance to Edinburgh Block Management at all times.

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