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Cupola and Flashing

Roof Maintenance, Gutter & Downpipe Clean with Written Report & Photos

This roof maintenance involves an initial written & photographic report, gutter and downpipe clean, (Tenements - including up to 20 slate/tile replacements or flat roof equivalent). Dependent on the number of properties involved in the block, a further inspection and clean would occur.*

The most common issue for property owners in a building is water ingress, usually due to gutter vegetation or poorly maintained roof tiles. Therefore to have this addressed on a regular basis is essential and recommended. Any work identified at inspections or due to a call-out, shall be priced with additional quotations requested as required. [Participation and equal contribution is normally required by all properties within the confines of the roof, unless property deeds or historic documentation indicate otherwise. e.g. Main door and/or commercial properties.]

Service levels can be increased upon request.

* A service matrix indicates the regularity of all tenement core services provided, based on the number of flats within the stair.

Refurbished Stairwell

Regular Stair Cleaning

A professional cleaning company shall carry out a regular stair clean. The number of visits per month is dependent on the number of flats in the stair.*

Service includes, lifting mats, sweeping & mopping the stairs, dusting handrails, sweeping the entry and garden passage.  Vacuuming of carpets and cleaning of glass as required.

The cost of this regular clean is included in our annual charge for tenements.   Where a successful cleaning routine is already in place in, the proportion of this cost will be deducted from our tenements annual charge. Where owners wish to change cleaning contractors, including Edinburgh Council cleaning service, we can arrange to start our service to suit the cessation of your existing service. Edinburgh Council can credit all owners’ accounts for any months remaining in the existing cleaning contract. [Participation and contribution is normally only required by properties within the stairwell, unless usage or property deeds indicate otherwise.]

* A service matrix indicates the regularity of all  tenement core services provided, based on the number of flats within the stair.

Refurbished Hallway in Stairwell

Lighting Maintenance - year round

Home owners have a legal duty of care to anyone entering the stairs to ensure that the stair lighting installation is maintained and continues to operate as intended (The Occupiers’ Liability (Scotland) Act 1960).  

As Edinburgh Council no longer provide lighting maintenance to Tenements,  owners are obliged to make alternative arrangements to provide effective lighting. 

Within our  services Edinburgh Block Management provide annual lighting maintenance. Replacing redundant or faulty light tubes within the yearly charge.   Included in the service will be  circuit safety, timers, all stairwell lighting and tube replacement as required. 

Residents/owners can easily contact us to report any faulty lights.   Frequent property inspections by EBM staff shall also report lighting issues.

[Participation and contribution is normally only by properties within the stairwell for Tenements/Developments,  unless usage or property deeds indicate otherwise.]

(This is part of the standard core service included in the annual charge for Tenements.)

Grass Cutting

Add-On Regular Items

Add-On regular items can include: grass -cutting, window cleaning, communal electricity, carpet cleans, lift maintenance, insurance and any other regular services depending on building requirements.  Many of these items may be standard requirement in a Development.

An additional quote would be supplied to include any of these items as appropriate.

This add-on is optional (building dependent) for owners and available where EBM core services have been agreed.

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