Word of Mouth

Very easy to deal with and always there when we need them!

Warren, Broughton St

They have been brilliant since we appointed them to our block 2 years ago. Quick to respond and proactive in coming up with solutions.

Philip R. – Argyll

Edinburgh Block Management is a godsend for many residents. It is particularly helpful for landlords who may not live locally. Fair and transparent pricing and top-quality communication

Pauline M – Edinburgh

I am fairly aware of the problems of factoring old properties with multiple proprietors! As far as I am concerned the programme has worked well for our building. Especially the roof maintenance. All good so far.

Alan Rowland, Nicolson Street

EBM have worked with our tenement since late 2017. Having EBM involved makes life much simpler and less time consuming. ...fast response time ...ability to solve problems quickly with a minimum of fuss. Their system of online voting on decisions is great. It helps to avoid hassle between owners and promotes understanding and fairness. I have found the staff at EBM to be open, friendly and professional. Their system of 'pay as you go' works well and is an example of their transparency around fees. Staff have been prepared to take the time to explain aspects of housing law when needed, and to give useful advice based on experience when tricky issues arise. They have gone the extra mile to be helpful on a number of occasions. 

Emma W, Marchmont Crescent

Far better than traditional factoring services . Charges are very fair for the services provided . Any additional works are presented to the stair for agreement and consultation . All additional costs are up-front with no surprises . Recommend to any stair requiring a management service . It takes all the hassle away from residents at a reasonable cost

George McVie – Southside

EBM are a miracle - they take all the hassle out of tenement block living. Very friendly, efficient, and reasonably priced. I’d recommend them without hesitation to anyone who owns a flat in a shared building, whether or not you live in it or let it out. Getting work done before we used them was a nightmare, but now it just happens.

Lucy – Marchmont

We find the team very helpful and supportive with any problems that arise, professional in the way they manage any projects, and skilful in communicating with all parties in the stair, to get a project moving forward.

John P – Marchmont