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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

Do you carry out an annual inspection of the property?

Yes, we visit the property on a regular basis following the initial visit at the beginning of the service, a photographic record of the condition of the block shall be retained following each visit.

Stair lights will be labelled with contact details to assist residents and tenants when there are any lighting issues.

A cleaning/grass cutting maintenance attendance sheet will be placed on the rear of the main communal door. This also provides residents with contact information for any stair lighting or other maintenance issues.

EBM basic core services would include; a regular stair clean and a roof inspection with gutter/downpipe clean including slate fixes at initial visit. Stair lighting & timer would be tested and all redundant/faulty tubes would be replaced on initial visit, all reported lighting issues would be attended to asap, and new tubes fitted as required as part of the agreement at no extra charge. 

What are common areas?

As a factor, Edinburgh Block Management provides a range of services to common areas in mixed tenure blocks.

The common parts of the building include:

  • Roof

  • Guttering and downpipes

  • External Stonework

  • Common drainage

  • Stairwells, Handrails & Balustrades

  • Stair and landing lighting

  • Entrance steps and paths

  • Stair windows

  • Door entry systems (locks, keys, fobs & panels)

  • Communal Garden areas

  • Lifts

  • Car park

  • Refuse area

  • Communal electricity

Would you undertake urgent or emergency work as well as the basic core services?

We understand this will happen from time to time.

The majority of the urgent block maintenance items originate from roof issues. When a roof is regularly maintained and gutters cleared, any potential water ingress will be reduced. Should an urgent/emergency situation arise, with the authority of 2 or more owners, we will undertake such works and bill accordingly.  Where there is an emergency, out-of-hours access may be required. Emergencies are carried out to prevent damage or in the interests of health and safety and where there is not time to use the normal channels of consultation and decision-making.

The share you are liable for is normally stated in your title deeds or is based on who uses the component being repaired, replaced or removed. Unoccupied properties are equally liable towards any required maintenance.

Invoices will be raised within 14 days of Edinburgh Block Management receiving quotations/estimates from contractors.Once an invoice has been raised payment will be due from the property owner within 30 days or as stated.

Please note that project arrangement cost will be reduced by 50% (inc. VAT) providing payment received within the stipulated timescale. Following the due date, late fees shall be incurred and then passed to solicitor/debt collection agency for collection with associated costs added to the outstanding sum.

Do you have a directory of contractors whom you normally use to carry out routine maintenance, emergency works and planned contracts?

We have a large list of preferred companies that are requested to provide charges/rates “shopping list” of repairs. We review these prices and use the best value contractors from this process where possible. Other contractors are considered and used where requested either direct from owner request or our live online poll.

Do you provide a block insurance cover and handle insurance claims on behalf of owners?

Edinburgh Block Management has adequate professional indemnity insurance and public liability in place for themselves as a company.  Edinburgh Block Management can provide insurance to property owners and to the block as a whole. 

Factoring industry standard commission from insurance providers ranges from 20-35%. EBM charges zero commission, so as to ensure our clients receive the best possible value for money.
Every property owner is responsible to ensure that their property is adequately insured to cover full reinstatement costs of the building as well as the contents.
Any owner may by notice in writing, request the owner of any other flat in the tenement to produce evidence of:
•              (a) the policy in respect of any contract of insurance which the owner of that other flat is required to have or to effect; and
•              (b) payment of the premium for any such policy. The owner has 14 days to produce the evidence requested.
We could not handle insurance claims on behalf of individuals.

How do owners terminate a factorial agreement?

Your title deeds may provide a method of terminating any factoring arrangement.
Alternatively, if your deeds are silent on this point, the Tenement Management Scheme under the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 may allow a majority of owners in your block to dismiss a factor or appoint a new factor.
To change your factor you should hold a meeting with all of the owners at your block, to discuss possible options and to cast a vote on the changes.
If a new property manager (factor) is appointed, agree a date for the new management responsibilities and provide the former and new factor with reasonable notice.  EBM would apply no penalty charges for early termination.

How do you calculate the factoring charges for each owner?

We initially supply the 3 basic maintenance service options (roof, cleaning & lighting) after a one-off fee has been contributed.

These basic core services are instructed and factoring service provided for the year upon property owner payment. No other fees are involved when only the basic 3 services are in operation for the remainder of the year.
EBM serviced blocks has the full services of a factor with regular inspections included in the basic up-front fee for the following 12 months at no extra cost. i.e. NO monthly or quarterly charges involved

Do you carry out an inspection prior to a maintenance contract beginning and after completion?

Where possible, we inspect and record the related area(s) prior to, during and after works, reporting findings & results to all owners using email or a shared cloud system where possible. Contractors are expected to achieve the desired/contracted results and standards. Where it is shown this hasn’t been achieved we would endeavour to have issues rectified at no extra cost.

Do you collect all or some of charges liable prior to commencement?

  • We instruct our 3 basic core EBM service(s) to begin/repeat when 75% of the owners’ contributions are in place . 

  • The remaining liable shares will be pursued by EBM at no additional cost to the remaining owners.

  • All other works would normally require full payment collection before instruction. EBM may allow some exceptions for smaller value tasks and emergencies to be initiated, without full contributions.

  • Where an additional task has been agreed by majority, EBM would in most cases, request 100% contribution towards work. Where maintenance is being delayed due to non-payment, an agreement for owners to bear burden whilst endeavouring to recover a debt can be a solution to complete a task. Recovered funds would be credited to participants. Costs are normally added to the debtors liability.

Would you undertake additional work as well as the basic core services?

Yes, where additional communal tasks are required in addition to basic core services, and any regular/routine inspections for example.

EBM inform all involved of potential additional communal tasks, communicating via email, shared transparent voting, cloud systems and meeting if necessary. This would provide options/quotes and enable owners to stay in control of their own home and investment, whilst EBM project and financially manage tasks etc.

In addition to contractor costs, there would be a standard project management fee, dependent on the value/work involved.

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