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Hello, we are EBM....

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

We understand that effective communication is a vital skill in both personal and professional interactions. Whether you're dealing with colleagues, clients, or friends, the ability to engage in transparent, trustworthy, and engaging conversations can greatly enhance your relationships.

The key elements of efficient and professional communication, highlighting the importance of being experienced, expert, responsive, fair, friendly, and, above all, effective in your communication style.

EBM endeavour to streamline our communications to convey information concisely. Thus, eliminating unnecessary jargon to ensure clarity.

Team EBM have over 25 years’ experience which we draw upon to provide an excellent service demonstrating a firm understanding of the subject matter (Factoring). Customers turn to us for our knowledge and expertise on all things factoring. We offer insights and solutions based on our expertise being a reliable source of information. EBM are responsive to daily communications, ensuring enquiries and concerns are dealt with in a timely manner, demonstrating our commitment to our customers.

We treat all individuals with equality and respect, avoiding bias and discrimination. On an occasion where an issue may arise, we endeavour to resolve conflicts in a timely, just, and impartial manner.

As a non-traditional Factor we understand that there are other Factoring companies who run their ship in a different way to us. We often hear from customers saying that it is extremely difficult to communicate with other Factors. Customers being disrespected, left in the dark (sometimes literally), and issued with excessive billing which they can’t understand, and nobody can explain! Buildings not being serviced as per their contracted agreement. Our aim is to maintain a warm and approachable manner – treating others like we would like to be treated. Its quite simple. Owners have given us a mandate to manage the communal maintenance and repairs of their property. We will do our utmost to carry out that task to the best of our abilities.

There may be times of conflict and we often find that can happen when there has been a misunderstanding of our processes. All we ask is for our customers to read through their Written Statement of Service, (WSS,) at the beginning of the contract period, so they can understand the processes and re-align expectations with the Terms and Conditions written in black and white. Got any questions after that? – Get in touch; we don’t bite!

We are proud to be different from other Factoring companies. EBM share information openly and honestly. And on those off days when we make a mistake, we will put our hands up and take responsibility. If we promise to meet with owners, provide information, respond within a timescale, action a query, resolve a complaint/issue, you can be assured we will follow it through. On an occasion you may want to chase us up for an update, we are happy with that if we haven’t already done so as par of the course. We demonstrate reliability and consistency in our actions.

Communication is not just about words; its about the impact our words have on others. We strive to be a good communicator who leave a positive and lasting impression with our clients

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