Why We Charge Our Factoring Fees Annually

There are a few reasons why we’ve opted to charge fees for our management services to tenements, once a year rather than monthly or quarterly. First off, this allows us to start with cleaning as well as roofing and lighting maintenance from the get-go, assessing the condition and addressing any existing problems before they have the chance to get worse.


Charging homeowners annually means you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay yet another monthly fee or set up a direct debit. Having paid everything upfront also means not having to go hunting for loose change to pay stair cleaners every time they come knocking. 


The annual charge offers great value for money when compared with traditional factoring fees charged monthly or quarterly. For the price of having the services of a traditional factor and a stair cleaning service you also get lighting and roof maintenance at no extra cost.


The only time you’d ever pay anything over the annual fee is if a bigger or unexpected repair comes up. And even then, you’ll have more say over what you pay than you would with most communal maintenance companies, when appropriate, everyone gets the opportunity to vote online for their preferred quote - without you having to chase up your neighbours ever again. That’s our job.


With Edinburgh Block Management there are no hidden fees or long contracts - we charge you annually for the essentials to keep things as simple and transparent as possible.