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Block Management

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

What is Block Management?

When we are asked what is it you actually do?

We are delighted to inform our customers of the list of services which we can provide.

Edinburgh Block Management have a Core Services Package which includes Roof Maintenance, Stair Cleaning and Stair Lighting. Some buildings also require garden maintenance as not everyone is in the position to own or store a lawnmower living in an Edinburgh tenement. Garden maintenance is an add on service which can be provided throughout the summer months.

If we continue on at ground level, we also look after drainage issues for tenements. Often communal drains will get blocked with modern day living, putting the wrong type of items down their toilets or blocking kitchen sinks with food waste etc.

Door Entry systems can often cause issues and failure of these can cause security risks. When we seek to pinpoint a door entry issue we follow a thorough checklist of points before instructing a contractor to visit so that we get to the right point of the matter first time. Handsets can become old, and various parts of the system can fail causing multiple issues. Its important to understand the system so that we can ensure a prompt remedy.

External communal downpipes can also cause issues with foliage growth at weak or damaged points of the downpipes. A quick visit by one of our trusted contractors will remove the foliage and seal up the problem joint.

Stair Lighting failure can be caused when a power cut trips the timer. Again, another H&S issue. Simple tube failures are readily replaced to prevent any trip hazards in dark areas of your stair.

Stair Cleaning helps to improve the quality of tenement living, sweeping away cobwebs, daily dirt and grime. Washing down of all levels and stairs ensures the stairwell is clean and fresh and a pleasant environment to live in.

Roof Maintenance ensures any issues which appear on the reports can be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent any damage or further damage occurring to your building. Simple maintenance to clean gutters and downpipes can prevent sustained water ingress. Slipped slates and nailsick roofs can allow water penetration across the roof, so regular maintenance will ensure missing and slipped slates are replaced. Skews can wear down and require attention as well as gutter valleys. We often see a build up of vegetation and debris which can cause blockages in valley gutters, again this can cause water ingress. All the things you might never even think about that could happen on your roof!

If you are interested in any of these services for your building send an email to info@edinburghblockmanagement and let us know what your requirements are.

Edinburgh Block Management will be more more than happy to talk these through with you and meet you at your building to gain further knowledge of what is required.

A list of all the various services that we at Edinburgh Block Management can provide owners and landlord with

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