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Managing Your Building

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Management of a tenement or block of flats is like managing a business. It requires specific skills and knowledge as well as commitment to the job.

As an owner/landlord you should take a keen interest in how your building is being managed and who it is being managed by. A poorly management property can have an impact on the long-term enjoyment of your home and potentially its future value.

Some owners/landlords may choose to manage the block or building themselves but its more common for them to appoint a professional management agent to manage and maintain the property on their behalf.

Edinburgh Block Management support owners by way of managing the communal repairs and maintenance. Removing the stress of non-payers, missing landlords, seeking estimates, organising repairs from small matters of door locks to major roof repairs.

Edinburgh Block Management take instruction from the owners/landlords who make the decision on what repairs are required and what contractors they prefer to carry out the repairs.

A good Property Factor will have a good knowledge of the building, be committed to best practice, committed to good customer service, comply with relevant standards and codes of practice.

Edinburgh Block Management ensure properties are inspected throughout the year, with roof condition reports and general overview of the building’s communal areas are taken into account with issues being reported back to owners. Communal stairs are cleaned on a regular basis according to the number of properties in the stair and stair lighting is maintained to ensure health and safety of all tenants in the building.

To ensure the smooth running and safety of your building Edinburgh Block Management are working to ensure the requirements of the flat owners are being taken care of. From arranging quotes for new door entry systems, stair refurbishments, replacing lights, communal roof repairs, gardening, accounting, and admin tasks. It’s definitely in the interest of your building to have a professional and experienced Property Manager who does the job well.


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