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Neighbours -everybody loves good neighbours!

Most flat owners are considerate of their neighbours, sometimes, there can be problems that arise from differing lifestyle, expectations, and points of view. Some neighbours may be unaware of their responsibilities, they may have other difficulties that affect their ability to join in with common repairs.

Approaching your neighbour sensitively can help deal with these problems. Its best not to let grievances build up and don’t escalate affairs unnecessarily by going to the authorities before you have tried an informal approach.

Follow Procedures

Check your Title Deeds and legislation such as the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 who set our rules for dealing with your neighbours and making decisions.

However, there may be times when this just doesn’t work and no agreement can be met.

Edinburgh Block Management work with all owners so that a majority decision can be reached and agree a way forward. Whether it’s a small repair job or replacing a roof, we will work with everyone involved to ensure your building is maintained.

As part of Edinburgh Block Managements Core Services Package we ensure regular stair cleaning is carried out. Keeping the common areas clean is part of your maintenance obligations. These obligations are set out in law and in your Title Deeds. Like common repairs, you are almost always obliged to do what the majority of owners agree with. Edinburgh Block Management will arrange ta regular stair clean in accordance with these rules, using a professional cleaning company. The service will include lifting mats, sweeping and mopping the stairs, dusting handrails, sweeping the entry and garden passage. The cost of this clean is included in the annual charge. If you don’t have the services of a Property Factor and conditions in the stair become unsanitary, you can ask your Council if they can take action under the Public Health Act.

Storage on stairs

No items should be stored on the stairway where they are causing an obstruction or might be a fire hazard. We know that people find it hard to find somewhere in their flats to store items such as bikes and prams. These are often left on the stairs. However, if they cannot be placed in a way which allows full access – these should be moved. Bike owners may also wish to consider installing a permanent fixture in a spacious area of the stair so that bikes can be padlocked safely. Edinburgh Block Management carry out RBV’s (routine building visits) to ensure there are no hazards or obstructions in the stairway. For more information about keeping common areas clean and tidy click here where you will find impartial advice on repairs and maintenance from Under One Roof.

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