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New Year - New Factor?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Looking to change to a new Factor for the new year?

Edinburgh Block Management are here to support you and your fellow owners in the communal maintenance and management of your building. We work with you on your behalf ensuring your building is managed to the highest of standards. Looking after your building is a great way to ensure your property remains maintained throughout the year. With regular property visits and inspections by your Property Manager, regular stair cleaning, stair lighting maintenance and roof maintenance. You can be assured that any maintenance which is highlighted either by the Property Manager or owners will be dealt with in an efficient and pro-active manner. Our new maintenance app will make it easy for you to inform us if there are any matters which require to be reported. You can find a link to this on our website:

If your current Property Factor is failing to meet your expectations – Edinburgh Block Management can guide you through the changeover process. Changing your factor can be arranged easily if there is sufficient support from your fellow owners. You would also need to check your Title Deeds to ensure these are met.

We understand that you may not wish to pay fees to have a Factor involved in the management of communal maintenance. Please take a look at our Core Services packages here: and see for yourself what great value we can offer you for your building maintenance and management. Self-factoring a building may seem like an easier way to save money, but this only works if everyone in the building can show equal commitment to being involved in the management of the building. Absent landlords, or commercial tenants, may not be quite as interested in the building maintenance as you might have hoped. This can often be the stumbling block for progressing a major repair or maintenance.

Feel free to send your enquiry via our website, give us a call on 0131 510 9000 or email us directly at

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