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Edinburgh Block Management

By Majority: Helping Owners Organise, Control & Manage Properties 

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 Factoring Services

Edinburgh Block Management are experts in all things property management and communal repairs in Edinburgh’s historic tenements. Our aim is to take the stress away from owners when it comes to  property maintenance of the shared areas in their building.   We provide property solutions.


With core services ranging from stair lighting maintenance to roof repairs and regular stairwell cleaning, Edinburgh Block Management is well-positioned to take on any and all of your communal repairs and block management. We offer very competitive factoring fees - no monthly charges with one annual charge.

Tenement Buildings in Edinburgh

What is property factoring?

When it comes to shared repairs in Edinburgh, there are two distinct options: organising all maintenance together with other flat owners in your tenement, perhaps through forming an owners’ association, or letting a property factoring company handle management of common repairs on your behalf.


Organising communal repairs and maintenance amongst property owners in your building can be tough. You have to gather several quotes for proposed works, get the majority of property owners in your tenement to agree on a proposal and gather payments from all flats. This is often a complex and time-consuming process.


This is where property factoring services come into the picture. For an annual management fee, property factors will take on the communal repairs and maintenance of shared areas within your building. Once you sign a contract with a property factoring business, they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Handing over your property management needs to a professional Edinburgh property factoring company has many benefits: your annual maintenance fee will cover core services and maintenance, and if bigger issues crop up, we’ll take the pressure off you by organising several quotes from trusted tradespeople and contacting all property owners within your building on your behalf and collecting their share of repair costs.

How it works

Our property service includes regular building visits from our trusted tradespeople partners to assess the condition of the shared facilities in your building and plan any required maintenance.If an emergency or routine communal repair is required, our property managers are just a phone call away, ready to organise the required works on your behalf.

For the simplest possible experience, we have opted for an annual, fixed factoring fee with no additional monthly costs. We have three different factoring packages to choose from, and you can easily add any extra services to your annual fee, in order to get the personalised service that meets your needs.

Removing a door lock with a screwdriver
Henderson Row in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Block Management Services

The roofs of Edinburgh’s old tenement buildings are a common cause of headaches for property owners. Our roof maintenance service includes a roof condition report with photographs as well as replacing up to 20 tiles and cleaning your gutters and downpipes.

Our regular stair cleaning service will keep your tenement’s staircase safe, clean and presentable, with visits from our cleaners set in accordance with the number of properties in the stair.

Since 2016, the maintenance of tenements’ communal lighting has fallen on the shoulders of property owners rather than Edinburgh Council. Our lighting maintenance service makes sure your building’s communal lighting is up to scratch, with annual lighting maintenance and additional light tube refitting when required.

Every building has its own set of maintenance needs, which our long list of additional factoring services has been designed to target. These include garden maintenance, door entry systems, addressing drainage issues, communal electricity, property insurance, lifts, stair refurbishments, and more.

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Edinburgh Block Management is committed to exceeding your expectations.


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At Edinburgh Block Management, we are committed to providing excellent service across all aspects of the business.   If you have a complaint, please let us know as soon as you can, so we can make things right again for you.

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